InstanceMan for Cinema 4D


What is this?

InstanceMan is a plugin for Cinema 4D that helps to make life with instance objects a little easier.
Before R20, there was another plugin around - InstanceVault, that used worked well in prior versions of Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, that plugin wasn't of much use in R20, so I decided to write a similar plugin - InstanceMan.
Besides having all that functionality in R20 again, I managed to extend and improve the overall functionality and stability.

All functions are explained below.
Happy instancing.

How to install

Download and unzip the archive into your plugins folder.




Select all instances of the same reference object.

Select broken

Select all unconnected instances.


Creates new instances or copies existing ones.


Renames all selected instances according to their reference object.


Relinks selected instances. The last selected instance is converted to a new reference object.

Make instance editable

Extends Cinema 4Ds Make editable. Converts render- and multi-instances.


Swap a selected instance with its reference object and back. Allows to edit an instance in place.

Frame selected objects

Replaces Cinema 4Ds Frame selected objects. Render- and multi-instances are also respected.

Frame selected elements

Replaces Cinema 4Ds Frame selected elements. Render- and multi-instances are also respected.


Open InstanceMan settings